If you are yet to hear about the excellent work being done at Coexist Community Kitchen (CCK), we hope this may be an apt introduction. CCK is a non-profit cookery school in Easton with the objective of promoting food education, a sense of inclusion to the marginalised, and a feeling of community in difficult times.

They recently have expressed their desires to plan the installation of a community oven available for use by members of the locality in light of soaring energy bills. The team at CCK have invited members of the community to offer their input in offering their thoughts and considerations for the planning process.

Alongside the availability of their kitchen space, CCK commit to the provision of a safe space and the engagement of socioeconomically disadvantaged groups in sharing the joy of food – from at-risk young people to those struggling with mental health, drug, and alcohol addiction, and beyond.

Follow CCK on their social media platforms for information on how you can get involved as a volunteer or access their services.

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